With our team specialized in administrative law, we have the capacity and unmatched experience to accomplish and carry out public auctions/bidding processes. If your company or business wants to participate in the bidding process, our team will accompany you from start to finish, focusing on the best tactics to obtain the expected results. 

The state has been identified as the major buyer in the country, with a large variety in products and services, which suggests that it would be very beneficial for you firm to become its supplier, due to the growth opportunities this poses.

On the other hand, the buying systems from the state offers various advantages such as: the unification of requirements, offering equality of opportunity for the offerors, carrying out the administrative processes and procedures online and speeding up of the processes.

The experience of our professionals assures that participating and winning a bid brings a great benefit for the companies, and that the state has demonstrated to be a star client which every company should wish for. With the help of allaboutbusiness, this wish can become a reality.

Steps to sell to the state         

  • To be registered with and without debt before the CCSS.
  • To be creditor of the benefits entailed in SMEs selling to the state, the firms must possess the SME condition granted by the General Directorate of small, medium and micro sized firms of the ministry of economy, industry and commerce (Dirección General de la pequeña y mediana Empresa DIGEPYME del Ministerio de Economía, Industria, y Comercio) through the System of Information concerning business in Costa Rica (Sistema de Información Empresarial Costarricense).
  • Present an offer/bid fulfilling the requirements established by the institution. 
  • To register oneself/the company as supplier of the state.
  • Withdraw/collect the purchase order  
  • Be a contributor of direct taxation.
  • If you rely on judicial entities, these must be registered in the national registry. 
  • Value and define your supply possibilities.


Steps to charge the state

  • To hand in the good or service in compliance to the pre-established contract.
  • Request payment according to the guidelines stated and agreed upon previously with the corresponding entity.


For more information please consult the following webpage: http://www.pyme.go.cr/pymecr2.php?id=2

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