Our Track record

The allaboutbusiness project was born to satisfy the needs of new market services, including both legal as well as administrative and accounting services.


In order to strengthen the economies of their countries, governments have invested resources in entrepreneurs for the preparation and development of micro, small, and medium sized businesses. In the last decade, these ventures, commonly abbreviated MSMEs or SMEs, have flourished in great quantity.


Unfortunately, according to a report of the GEM Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 46% of these ventures stop functioning on a global level due to limited profitability.


It is for this reason, that in July 2016, Lexincorp and ATA Outsourcing unite their resources and experience to offer a platform of outsourced services, underpinned by a system of administrative and legal processes essential for SMEs, to this very target market.


Lexincorp Central American law Firm is comprised of a track record of over 40 years, with more than 60 qualified lawyers working in team throughout Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.


ATA Outsourcing is a firm which offers the outsourcing of accounting and administrative services with the objective being that entrepreneurs can focus their efforts on the strategic activities of their company.  

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Our Track record