Arteria: An example of very Costa Rican or Tico entrepreneurship

At some point, somewhere, we have all seen shirts, cups, or bags containing the popular and widely used phrases in Costa Rica, such as “mae,” “pura vida,” “tenga paz,” or “suave un toque,” amongst others….. 

We like these and so we buy them and bring them with us as a present for our friends in foreign countries. Tourists also love them, since they are useful items with high quality, bolstering clean designs and cosmetic whilst portraying happy colors. In addition, some indicate in small letters, a brief definition of the term/phrase.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t all this easy, especially the beginning, since developing an idea requires much patience and persistence. There is a big difference between an abstract idea and one that gets realized. As Stephen Covey would say in his second habit, “everything in this world, exists twice.” The first creation consists of the idea or an abstract design in our mind, something which could become. The second creation consists in materializing that idea.


Now in day, we can see Arteria as a firm which has not only achieved success in recognition and profitability, but which has positioned our identity and our sense of belonging in the minds of those ticos and foreigners which visit us.


Founded in 2007, with a total of 5 stores and 15 partners, Artery has been recipient of much recognition and numerous prizes, including the prize for excellence in local entrepreneurship, and also prizes won in the biannual Ibo American Design competition, design D11 of the art museum and contemporary design and in Costa Rican designs.


Arteria holds the seal Essencial Costa Rica, which allows it to receive publicity amongst foreigners through the combined efforts of ICT and Promocer, a company promoting Costa Rican exports abroad. This not only benefits the company brand but also potential investors. 


Whilst always maintaining sight on growth prospects, currently Arteria opened its activities under the franchise framework, offering two types of sale schemes: franchise and micro franchise. It is only under these schemes that the franchise can be sure that the company has a legal backing in intellectual property as well as image rights.


Surely, Arteria is an example that should be followed by all those entrepreneurs who have; an idea, the courage to turn this idea into reality, and who dispose of the legal and business advice to achieve this effective growth. 

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