Labor Law

Support with the administrative processes


We help you with all processes concerning any public institution, including the Costa Rica social security fund (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social) and the national Insurance Institute (Instituto Nacional de Seguros).


Labor contracts


This is an agreement between the employee and employer. The first, binds himself to service provision under the subordination and dependence of the second, who in exchange offers an agreed upon remuneration. This labor relation may only exist if both parties agree to uphold its obligations and rights which are established beforehand. Following this is a list of labor contracts existent in Costa Rica: labor contract with indefinite period, for determined work, for an indefinite period for trusted employees, for professional services and for a defined period.


Resolution of labor conflicts


Mediation/arbitration allows the peaceful resolution of conflicts. This is done through dialogue between the parties, where the mediator acts as and accompanies the protagonists as an objective third party, to achieve the most beneficial solutions and outcomes.


At allaboutbusiness we offer the drafting of internal rules or corporate policies, labor audits, traineeships and seminars, and the revision or development of salary/payment schemes among others. We also support you in the process and resolution of labor conflicts, as well as in the procedure of disciplinary processes, and sexual and laboral harassment among others.  

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Labor Law