Intellectual Property

Brand survey/research


We conduct research and survey all registered brands, including those submitted before the Registry of Industrial Property (Registro de la Propiedad Industrial) with the purpose of verifying if identical and similar characteristics/brands have been registered or are valid/operating in the same form. Similarly, we issue a professional legal opinion on the registration of the brand, in accordance with the trademark law and on other distinctive characteristics.


Brand registration and other distinguishing signs


At allaboutbusiness we help you with the preparation of a written application required for the registration of a brand, whilst naturally conforming to the necessities of your firm. We also offer support during the presentation of the document before the Registry of Industrial Property.


Commercial patents


At allaboutbusiness we help you obtain the necessary patent or operating permit, which every commercial business requires from the municipality of the corresponding canton.


Sanitary records


The fulfillment of the following regulations, outlined in detail below, conform as to being one of the first stages a firm must realize, to be able to commercialize and market its products.

Authorities utilize the sanitary records of products for the end goal of providing security to the consumer. This is done through the regulation and verification of fulfilling national and international norms concerning ingredients contained in a product. Finally, it is verified whether the firm adheres to the regulations imposed by the labelling. It is in this way that the regulated firm is held responsible for its products and commercial activities.

Equally, food products, cosmetics and cleaning products fabricated for domestic and international markets should be registered with the ministry of health.

On the other side, the National Service of Animal Health (Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal), regulates and sets norms for the commercialization of animal produce, in which case they also establish rules which must be complied to in relation to the care of animals as well as the management of establishments utilized/dedicated to the fabrication of related products.

Finally, textile products do not need to be registered, however these should comply to etiquette regulation, which allows the consumer to make informed purchasing decisions.  

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Intellectual Property