Fiscal Advice

Fiscal planning


At allaboutbusiness we help you obtain a comprehensive understanding/vision of the fiscal system applicable to your businesses endeavors, with the purpose of making sure your business complies to the rules of the game and to make use of the available fiscal benefits that may apply. We plan in conjunction with the activities of your business, designing and implementing a fiscal structure most efficient for your needs and which adapts to one’s necessities and the relevant legal regulation.


Fiscal diagnosis


To know the required level of material and formal compliance of your company, we conduct an analysis of the relevant processes and information concerning the type of applicable taxes, in doing so we aim to prevent possible audits by the tax administration. The result of our fiscal diagnosis includes a quantification of possible fiscal risks and recommends possible preventative measures one could take.


Fiscal litigation


Our lawyers address judicial and administrative procedures whilst representing the interests of your firm before the tax authorities and judiciary. We also offer advice in the preparation and presentation of tax queries, in accordance with article 119 of the Code of norms and tax procedures. 

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Fiscal Advice