Enterprise and franchise



Our lawyers at allaboutbusiness enjoy vast experience consulting in the field of corporate law. They offer a global vision of operations through the implementation of their fiscal, labor and strategic departments. Among our principal services, we offer specific advice on all material concerned with mercantile or commercial law. This includes advice on the establishment of societies and other types of entities, civil and commercial contracts, business rearrangements/overhauls, transformations, mergers, strategic alliances, demergers and split-ups, trading of societies, firms, businesses and assets, insurances, financing of projects, free zones, foreign direct investment and international commerce.




If you are the owner of a successful firm, you could expand through franchises, granting a third party or a franchise the right to commercially exploit your brand and enabling it access to your business practices and commercial standardizations, in exchange for a determined payment/fee and limited to a physical and temporal frame. The benefits that ensue from this franchising process include the strengthening of your brand, diffusion of your network with limited investment risk and the diversification of your sources of income, among others.

At allaboutbusiness we accompany you through the whole process, from the formulation of a strategy, offering the required legal support, conducting the financial forecast, to marketing the franchise in the appropriate and effective forms of communication and mass media. 

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