Inbound Marketing

At allaboutbusiness we are conscious of the fact that inbound marketing has been the most efficient marketing method of the last 10 years to generate business online. In contrast to the traditional outbound marketing, which depended and wagered more on the buying and mass deployment of public banners and the sending of newsletters to a large list of email recipients; inbound marketing is an array of marketing techniques that are non-intrusive and which hence generate clients in a natural way. The inbound marketing techniques are composed of the following activities: search engine optimization (SEO), the marketing of content, presence in social media, publicity in search engines, the sending of newsletters, and the generation of leads and web analytics.


Based on this evolved marketing philosophy, it is the customer who feels attracted to the products and services that your firm offers. This is done in a way, where it is the customer who establishes the initial contact, because he is incentivized to do so.


Inbound marketing can be summed up in four words: creation, optimization, conversion and invigoration. In other words, your firm creates the contents that are to be published, whilst we optimize your positioning in search engines, which we demonstrate to you with statistical analysis. We make your online strategy dynamic, from the webpage to the social media which allows the page visitors to be converted to clients and followers.


The process is very simple and efficient: a stranger sees your company online through any type of media outlet, since your company already has visibility in social media, it is indicated/appears well in search engines. Thereupon, the stranger feels curios and visits your page, since he feels attracted to getting to know your services. It is this very moment where the stranger turns into a visitor. However, if one can seduce the visitor into staying put by captivating his/her interest regarding what your company has to say, it is this moment where the visitor turns into a lead. A lead can be seen as a business opportunity/potential client, who if, he/she receives excellent attention upon the closing of the sale, may turn into a client. But things do not end here, for we want clients who are loyal to your company and who prescribe to your firm because this benefits them and because your company provides them with an excellent service. This is where the cycle ends, with delighted customers who initiate contact voluntarily with your company online, as it is in their interest to do so. Furthermore, they now not only follow your company in social media, newsletters, and buy your products and services, but most importantly they begin talking to others about your business, helping to spread the word. This generates a net of impacts proportionally greater than one you would achieve having an army deployed in sales efforts.


One of the advantages of this modern method is that it obliges the firm to create quality content for its company, which can attract and seduce the targeted public in a natural way. If your company should be investigating ways to actualize itself and stay up to date, then choosing inbound marketing guarantees that your team remains on the forefront of quality content and hence marketing. One can surely say that inbound marketing posits a win-win relationship.


Web pages

The development of a webpage, includes the design of the websites graphic image as well as the internal programing of the user’s experience. At allaboutbusiness we help obtain your domain so that you can release/publicize your web page. Furthermore, we offer the maintenance of your webpage. Our platform allows the client to decide as to who will be the administrator that publishes news and actualizes information on the webpage, although we would be more than happy to provide this service as well.



SEO, short for “Search Engine Optimization,” is a technique which seeks to achieve a high placement/positioning of your web page in the internet search engines.


For example, by following the requirements of the SEO methodology poses, a webpage that we would administer at allaboutbusiness, would appear within the first results displayed by the respective search engine.


The above not only brings benefits in that internet users have an easier time finding your firm, a benefit which translates into a higher quantity of visitors. It also causes a reinforcing effect, since the websites visibility is increased due to the quantity of visitors increasing the websites indexation. Nevertheless, we should not rest on the expectation of achieving the first places/positions, because that achievement is influenced by other variables which include: up-to-date material, the use of key terms in certain places and in the text, and most importantly one should not copy other websites – as this not only affects your positioning but also because one can be punished for this. 


Administration of social media

At allaboutbusiness we help configure your presence and pages in those forms of social media, which apply to your business. Furthermore, we offer the service of administering these, according to a publications/posting schedule, and adhering to contents previously defined by your company. These publications/posts are accompanied by photographs that fit your firms image, which will be invested in for promotional purposes, naturally only when authorized by the client/you.


Sending of newsletters

At allaboutbusiness we help design and send your newsletters with news and articles that interest/apply to your prospective and referred clients, all in accordance with CRM (customer relationship management) allowing the extraction of lists divided by region, areas of interests or other intelligent filters. It is important that your clients receive information that suit their interests, so that they value this information and grow curious to know more about your company.


Online promotions

As part of the general administration of inbound marketing, allaboutbusiness helps program/schedule the publications in search engines and social media. This allows your company to reach a higher visibility online, thereby resulting in more leads.


Statistical analysis reports

At allaboutbusiness we regularly inform you about the statistics revealed by the different online tools, such as search engines, social media, and in newsletters. It is possible to receive information on the following: period of use per page, conversion and type of audience, and indicators concerning page visits. 

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Inbound Marketing