The treasury is the part of the firm which controls and manages the processes related to monetary/cash flows, in other words, pending payments and outstanding bills, management of social security payments, and all arrangements dealing with financial institutions.

Some of the functions of the treasury include:


  • Management of monetary resources of the firm
  • To take the necessary steps in case of deviations
  • Design policies and procedures for payments and collections/charges 
  • Control of the adequate fulfillment of charge/collection and payment forecasts  

Administration of outstanding bills


Maintaining correct policies in relation to credit and payment is essential for your firm to have adequate administration of the outstanding/owed bills. At allaboutbusiness we facilitate the rapid recuperation of the pending credits from your clients, helping your company become effective and efficient in the billing procedures.


An adequate treatment of the outstanding bills helps the company to avoid compromising its liquidity, whilst also stimulating sales and winning over new clients.  


Administration Of Pending Payments

At allaboutbusiness we help execute your daily transactions. We organize and manage the projection of all your firm’s transactions/cash flows. We fulfill the following services for your firm, all in a timely fashion: payments to suppliers, cancelation of public services, payment of payrolls, and patents. Essentially, we fulfill the payment of all transactions necessary in your firm’s day to day operations. 


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