Accounting and presentation of financial states/conditions

The outsourced accountant

The outsourced accountant can bring expertise and benefits of time, space and resources, so that you as the company owner, can free yourself for your own duties according to the nature of your firm.

At allaboutbusiness we carry out the accounting duties in your facilities or from our offices, in either case, making sure that we cater to your necessities. We execute the whole accounting cycle, from the classification and registration of accounting information to the issuance of the monthly financial states/reports.

Our accounting services include bank reconciliation, control of assets, control of inventory and bookkeeping. 


Bank Reconciliation/settlements


We compare and reconcile the values your firm has registered in its operating accounts with the values the bank provides by means of monthly account statements.


Control of assets


We establish mechanisms of control to verify the real existence of the fixed assets of your firm. This is done in a way which allows them to be compared/cross-checked with the information of the accounting books in whatever moment or period requested.


Control of Inventory


We deliver practical and efficient solutions for the physical taking/counting of your inventories. We optimize the time of your firm, providing an adequate management of your primary material costs, the cost of your product in process, and the final/end product expenditures. We deliver you results which can facilitate savings and show you how to quantify the wastage of goods.


Bookkeeping of accounting records


We record the information of the accounting mounts of your firm in the different accounting books. This is done in a way so that it is always ready and available for when it is required/needed.


Presentation of Financial States/Conditions

We present the financial states of your firm in accordance with the international norms of financial information (Normas internacionales de Información Financiera -  NIIF), complying with precise and appropriate/timely information relating to the financial health of your firm.

This is the most important phase to deliver the complete information of the financial conditions, defined and pointed out by your firm, before the shareholders and stakeholders.

In addition, the analysis of the financial states, facilitates the evaluation of the firm’s performance and allows actions/decisions to be made based off these conditions, to prevent and/or project future situations. 

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Accounting and presentation of financial states/conditions