Strategy and Analysis

As part of our services in administrative support, allaboutbusiness offers consulting in the following areas: 

Strategic planning

We help you in the planning of your strategic objectives and plans of action by keeping a scorecard supported by technological tools. This will allow supportive and efficient tracking of your completed indicators during the whole year, in a form which can promptly identify deviations which should be corrected immediately. At allaboutbusiness we accompany you in all stages, from the design of your strategic plan to the implementation of its stemming measurements.


Financial analysis

For all firms, no matter small or large, it is vital to analyze and interpret their economic and financial capabilities to wholly understand the origin and performance/behavior of their respective resources.

Within its consulting services, allaboutbusiness prepares a financial analysis of your company, contributing to value by identifying those indicators reflecting economic health and financings which require attention. These actions are vital to inform intelligent decision making based on the facts and avoid consequences which may impact the future. In order to carry out a complete analysis of the firm, the relevant indicators and financial grounds must be analyzed thoroughly and in conjunction with the above.


Internal quality control

The consultants specialized in high quality management systems, integrated with internal control systems, will help you run your business in a more efficient and simple form, preventing the headaches usually associated with lacking structure and order, in running processes. The definition of flowcharts, roles, responsibilities and job profiles with parameters to evaluate the staff/personnel, are some of the additional values which we offer in the area of quality consultancy.   


Legal management

The legal advice and management, on behalf of our expert lawyers, will allow you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. It could present you with a panoramic and complete picture of all institutions which need to be notified, knowing beforehand the requirements and administrative procedures/formalities which must be carried out to fulfill the rules and avoid major problems such as large fines or breaching the law.   

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