Public relations

Public relations seek to generate a link between the organization, communication and the stakeholders (if referring to the public related to the firm, whichever person or entity who is concerned by or affected through the activities or processes of the firm.)

At allaboutbusiness we help you find the form of communication, which your company should strategically utilize, with the purpose of strengthening company ties to different audiences/public entities. This will be done through informing, listening and persuading them to achieve consensus, happiness and receive their support in present and future endeavors of the firm, which should be communicated as to benefiting both parties. Hence ensuing in a win-win situation.


Marketing processes

At allaboutbusiness we advise you regarding the type of contact your firm should start and/or maintain active, so that you benefit from publications in newspapers, directories and magazines with the purpose of making your company known.

The array of strategies and actions in which your company invests to promote a certain activity, is also known as marketing and includes the whole process from the conceiving of an idea, product or service, to the moment when the clients begin to acquire/purchase it regularly.

At allaboutbusiness we are conscious of the fact that it is not possible to have success in a commercial activity if the marketing aspect is not adequately managed. Therefore, every commercial firm, big, small or micro, always requires the marketing of its products and services.


Sales process

The companies, organizations and persons who sell their products and services to their target markets/customers, expect success from these activities. At allaboutbusiness we devote our time and energy in making sure that the sales of your business increase, that an excellent level of services is provided and most importantly that your sales are profitable. Your company should have up-to-date technological tools which facilitate massive sales, and on the other side, a sales team with strong capacities and efficiency. 


Design process

According to the popular saying, “everything enters through the eyes;” there exists only one window of opportunity to capture the attention of the target audience. The ability to seduce the consumer, will determine whether the audience will buy the product now or leave it for later.

At allaboutbusiness we look after these small details, which ensue in being the biggest details of them all, as they mark the kind of relation your firm will have with its clients/customers. We offer services in the following: photography, graphic design (such as brochures, banners, highway billboards, posters), design and programing of web pages and applications amongst others

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