Financial accounting processes

The analysis and design of the financial accounting process of the firm. This is different to outsourcing the accounting, but can be rather understood as an accompaniment to those entrusted/in charge of financial accounting, in case the firm prefers to maintain control of this aspect itself.


Operative processes

The operative processes of a firm dedicated to service provision are different to the operative processes of a manufacturing firm. Nevertheless, in all firms the area of operations constitutes the nucleus or purpose of the company. For an SME, which fabricates bags and leather products, the area of operations is defined by the cut and making of the design process. For a legal firm the area of operations includes the whole of the process, from the arrival of the client at the firm to the charge and billing of the client.

In a restaurant or a bar, the service provided to the client is fundamental to its area of operations, since the preparation of food and drink go hand in hand with the way these are served at the bar or table.  The processes of area of operations involve the client and are very dynamic. None of these should be neglected in any case, because doing so will always result in disastrous consequences.


Management processes of human resources

To achieve highly effective teams, the processes need to be managed accordingly. What does this mean? Essentially, that the firm should know all its work areas and processes which will be performed by its contracted partners and employees. For this purpose, profiles of positons, procedures, policies, and instructions should be designed and designated. These will allow persons to act in an organized, efficient and standardized manner, otherwise surprises may ensue. When something goes wrong, we always look to blame the behavior of persons, when actually it is a failure in the system: a deficiency in the control of positions and in the execution.

People must be trained, guided, coached, and positively supported so that they learn to improve and are motivated to carry out their duties with efficiency. And when they fail, it is important to let them know at the right time and with assertiveness. Aggression, yelling and tantrums are an absolute no-go if we want the best to work for us.

At the same time, it is important to frequently carry out analysis on the workloads assigned, to not commit the mistake of overloading an efficient worker which may push them to the point of inefficiency, and to identify if there are idle resources. Properly planned selection and contraction processes of personnel and the respective management of such changes, and the management of performance, training plans, and team building activities will deliver results in that your team will be highly efficient, working with tranquility and happiness. It is this way that conflicts are kept at a minimum instead of turning into norm, which tends to happen when no adequate management of human resources exists.


Technological processes of information and communication

A firm which is not updating or innovating constantly is destined to fail rather sooner than later. Technology allows processes to be executed more efficiently and thus improves the working performance of the company.

Employees of the firm should have technical knowledge and qualities which will allow them to exercise their positions adequately. The company should hence provide these resources and monitor these so that they are adequate.

There are many free or reasonably priced software options existent in the internet, which the company could implement/adopt and train the company personnel to use. The adoption of such software could have surprising effects on the effectiveness/performance of the team. At allaboutbusiness we advise you regarding the software tools/options available and in the management of software understanding, so that your firm is always up to date and operating on the forefront of technology. 

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